Category: Halloween-O-Meter


Halloween-O-Meter: Halloween

Halloween-O-Meter: Halloween (1978) vs Halloween (2018) Released just before the titular holiday in 1978, Halloween follows a masked killer who escapes a mental hospital and sets out in a killing spree in a small...


Halloween-O-Meter: Casper

Halloween-O-Meter: Casper (1995) Released in May, 1995, Casper follows a therapist and his daughter who are tasked with residing in a old mansion while the father attempts to help four ghosts living there to...


Halloween-O-Meter: Odd Thomas

Halloween-O-Meter: Odd Thomas (2013) Special thanks to Amber Parrott for suggesting this review! Released in 2014 after a short festival run the year prior, Odd Thomas follows a short-order cook living in a small...


Halloween-O-Meter: The Blobs

Halloween-O-Meter: The Blob (1958) vs The Blob (1988) “Indescribable… Indestructible! Nothing can stop it!” Released in 1958 and remade thirty years later, The Blob films follow the residents of a small town as they...

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